Lawyer of the child /Judges interviews with the children

I think this process is one of the most damaging processes in the family court. The court often appoints the lawyer for the child to report the child views to the court.

First of all, these lawyers are not qualified or experienced to understand the children’s psychological and emotional developments and growth. its completely wrong for these lawyers to meet the children or talk to them.

The most concerning part that the lawyers of the children can meet the child to obtain his or her views without having a support person available. Also, the interview isn’t video or audio taped and that is very worrying that the LFC can easily manipulate the children views and ask them leading questions to suit their agenda and bias against any of the parties of the proceedings.

Also, the Judges are able to interview the child in their Chambers in the presence of the lawyer of the child without recording or videotaping the interview.

Judges and Lawyers use the child’s views as evidence in the court hearing. This evidence isn’t usually tested in the court according to the law. Parents should be able to cross-examine the Judges and lawyers because they are considered as witnesses – Am I right there?

Under the criminal jurisdiction, when police officers or social workers interview the children, they must have an available support person available during the interview. The interview is usually videotaped and the parent can view the interview at anytime and write notes.

Why NOT in the Family Court ?



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Nell Dawson

💯 I agree on everything you said. My daughter ws told by her LFC that whatever was discussed between them would be shared with her father. The LFC knew the history of family violence not only through the childdrens and my affidavits but also police reports. Also during my 5 day hearing the Judge spoke directly to both of my children via a video link and in her chambers. When I received the transcript from the hearing, there was nothing about this discussion with my son and daughter and what they wanted. Its like it never happened .

Officer Plod 87275

Such a brazen attack on honesty and truth, to not allow a recording of the questioning is legal abuse by lawyers against children. Where is the children’s commissioner here, why is it in New Zealand we are so retarded in protecting our children from abuse. Lawyers are the most untrusted profession in the world, they earned this and continue to do so by allowing such an abuse of children in distress to be interviewed, interrogated, indoctrinated by lawyers pushing their own preferred outcomes. Lets face it, LFC are just judge whisperers who have a very poor reputation in New Zealand for getting it right. It stinks this, sour taste, open to manipulation and outright corruption. We should also know how much per year these lawyers assigned by the court are receiving in tax dollars. Should be public information as some no doubt are milking the system, draw out the court process, over complicate the actual issues, saturate the case with reporting not required. The list goes on, make your own list.

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