9 months waiting is in the Child’s best interest ?

Just straight to the point here. I have worked with one case. The Judge made a decision on the without notice track and directed that mum to go in supervised contact with the child. The child was not exposed to any abuse or being abused. The Judge used “the better safe than sorry approach” due to a conflict between parents. 

After the Judge had made directions for mum to undergo supervised contact with the 2 years old child. Mum was represented by a legal aid lawyer who didn’t bother follow up the supervised contact referral. Also, the child had a lawyer for him appointed by the court. Mum had no contact with her son over 9 months, and when she contacted the Family court coordinator, she was told “opps we forgot about it”.

This is a very common flawed practice by the public servants. Leaving the child without contact with his mum is very alienating and detrimental to the child himself. 

I mean seriously – this is a very common scenario happening in the Family court. The Judge who made the decision and the mum’s lawyer and the lawyer of the child should be held accountable for such mistakes. 

The boy in this case didn’t recognise his mum after 9 months. The mother who had him 9 months in her womb and was his primary caregiver for 2 years. 

That’s really bad – the dad in this case was chasing mum and the LFC to arrange some sort of contact between mum and her son. The lawyers in this case have failed to respond or arrange it. 

Is this in the best interests of the child ? Ahh it’s just shocking and awful. 

The system is destroying children’s relationships with their parents – As one of the Family Court Judges mentioned in a media article in 2004. 



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This system needs to be abolished

Matthew Hopkins

This is all so relatable, I find myself in the same boat.
It is just shocking and awful
I’ve not seen my son for many months now
And every day that goes by I hold myself accountable for that while I wait for the lawyer to send another invoice or another judge to tell me what’s right for my child and get treated like I’ve done something wrong when that’s not the case this better safe than sorry approach is damaging and has long lasting consequences when parents are alienated as a result of this it’s just disgusting.


I have been going through the same but i am dad. It is killing me – they do not care

This is really shocking !! Is this in New Zealand ?


This is heartbreaking 🙁

Anonymous Poster

OMG – I can’t imagine how heartbreaking for both Mum and the child 😢

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