Do you call this fairness ? Justice ? Bias ? Disempowerment ? Human rights ?

I got this screenshot (below) from the Law Commission website which is managed by the Minister of Justice. A report was done in 2013.

I mean seriously ? Is this how we protect people from Violence ?

I am very concerned for the young boys growing in this country. The system is clearly open for misuse. A clear message there – just fabricate evidence , play the system and we will get your man sorted ?

All what you have to do is prove your case ? Similar to this woman who was told by Women refuge to lie that her ex had psychologically abused her and the father has committed suicide. Also it is encouraged by women refuge and other organisations and nasty malicious lawyers –



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It’s sick how they treat men in this corrupt system. It’s clear discrimination and sexist. Imagine if they have to replace the word “men” by Muslim or Christian or Maori or European or Islander or Asian or transgender? The whole media and public will go mad. Apparently, it’s allowed to discriminate men. Total BS 🤬


Yes – i am very worried about my teenager boys to grow in this country presumed that they are violent because of their gender as males. I think i will push on them to go and live somewhere in a third world country instead.

This is really disgusting ….

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