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Hi all, I just need to vent and possibly hear that we aren’t alone on this one. My partners son has been in an abusive situation since day one. He has never been granted access as baby mama and woman’s refuge painted him as an abuser because he wanted her to stop dr*gs. Protections orders etc, womens refuge eventually uplifted their son from her cause she was on cr*ck. She then got him back and tried to give him away at a mall. Anyway, long history of dr*gs. Fast forward to now, my partner has only ever been allowed to see his son in a concrete room 1 hour a fortnight.

All violence charges were dropped by baby mama because she was caught to be lying. So now there is nothing on record of my partner EXCEPT THAT now he HASNT had a great deal to do with his son so no he’s not allowed unsupervised access. Even though he went above the court ordered visitations at family support. He applied to vary the parenting order because he completed his visits. This took 9 months to hear anything about his application, and thus they said NO because in the last 9 months youve had nothing to do with your son.

THE MOTHER is impossible and unhinged, he literally cant see his son which is why hes taking it through court yet now theyve used that against him, because he hasnt been consistent in the last 9 months? He couldnt do any more visits so i dont know how thats his fault. This year my stepson was abused and assaulted by the mother and her new boyfriend. We had been contacting OT for years, he had a black eye from this incident and was not being quiet about what really happened. OT finally get involved after closing case after case saying he’s a “Active full on boy”.

That does not warrant child abuse right???? So we were making progress, OT worker we initially had wanted us to have my step son as we are stable, drug free, alcohol free working professionals who own our own home and clean criminal history etc. The baby mother is a drug addict, no job ambitions, bought up through the system, countless assault charges etc etc and a lengthy mental health history with BP, anxiety etc, you name it she’s apparently got it. So when the pressure was put on the police, courts and baby mama they got rid of this social worker.

We weren’t notified until we contacted weeks later after not hearing anything. Now we have multiple random social workers who left this child in the mothers care to get abused again. OT has a “safety plan” and she has broken every single part of it. Now they have approached a grandmother and said here we are dumping him on you even though he will sleep on the floor or we will put him into care. I’m just so confused why can we not have him?

OT literally has not done any reports as to why we can’t have him, the judge is all for it but OT and child’s lawyer are literal man haters I’m just lost and dumbfounded. I don’t understand. We have made urgent without notices, denied even though he got abused and they acknowledged that, vary of orders etc and still nothing? This is so draining, I don’t understand what more we can do, we have done all the courses! There’s alot I’ve left out, but just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. This is so hard for my partner and I am exhausted from picking up the pieces of my defeated partner time and time again.



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What I can say is that you are not alone.
Everything you have said is EXACTLY how it rolls.
Have you as a family been interviewed by OT? If not, do so, show them who you are…then keep on insisting. What a wonderful girlfriend you are, good luck


Thank you so much for your kind words. This is so infuriating and as a female I can see the unfairness and unjust system against men through the family court. We have have OT twice come into our home, meet us etc and they were more than satisfied. But they turned to the judge and said “We don’t know enough about you two”. They have all our background history, work details, family details and affidavits about us and yet they still have refused everything without reasoning. What a terrible system we live in, this is hurting my step son more than it’s hurting us I just can’t imagine what is going through his little head and heart.


This is really horrible. A system designed to destroy families and children

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