Kiri Allan gets court delay – Welcome to the club – try the family court – its worse !!!!

Friday, 1 September 2023

Kiri Allan gets court delay

Conservation Minister Kiri Allan announced the changes today. Photo: RNZ

Kiri Allan. Photo: RNZ

Former Justice Minister Kiri Allan has had her first appearance in court put off, days before her case was due to be called.

Allan was due to appear in court on Monday, September 4, to face charges of careless driving and refusing to accompany police.

But the Labour politician, who announced after the crash she would not be standing for re-election this year, will now be appearing on September 14 instead.

A staff member at Wellington District Court confirmed the appearance had been “administratively adjourned” at the request of counsel, “so the matter will not be called on Monday”.

Allan resigned her portfolios and went on indefinite leave in late July after crashing into a parked car on Evans Bay Parade in Wellington’s Roseneath.

An apologetic Allan said at the time she had failed many people who had placed their trust and confidence in her, and she had let down her electorate, party and all those who relied on her.

In announcing her retirement from politics on social media, Allan said she needed to take time to “heal myself and chart a new course for my life”.

“I tried to dare greatly, my face marred by dust and sweat and blood and I hope that there were benefits for the people and places I represented by being in the arena.

“I erred, many times, and kept trying to battle for our people that needed the most.

“For now, it’s time to step out of the arena.

“I’m not sure how long for, or if I’ll return, but my focus is now on trying to find a different kind of strength to serve our people and our place.”

Allan had returned to her full ministerial duties shortly before the crash, after taking some time away from Parliament due in part to a relationship break-up.

While she was taking a few days of mental health leave, separate allegations were reported regarding her treatment of staff, which she strongly denied.

She then took another two weeks off over Parliament’s recess.

NZ Herald



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