Nothing has changed in 40yrs

I was a victim of the NZ family court as a child. As a dad in Australia I have now seen my son as a victim of EXACTLY the same abuse as I was. I lived in London and saw Fathers4Justice climbing Buckingham Palace and wondered why no one has stopped this. Nothing has changed. Nothing.

The corrupt judge in my case in Aus asked me if I’d looked into what happened in court when I was a kid. I told him that “the privacy act stops me from finding out”. He looked baffled. I have asked the NZ family court for all the information – applications, responses, affidavits, orders etc – but all I’ve been given is a couple of page, bullet-point summary. “Privacy” stops me, the victim, from finding out the truth.

What I did find was this: reported to the LFC (Lawyer For Children) “children now fear for her (the mother) safety and their own safety”. Yet….. we were put back with the abuser.

And reported to the consultant psychiatrist “…told me of the upset and difficulty that had occurred since Christmas 1988 and how their mother had refused to have them back.” “Child1 despite being quite tearful during our interview, stated a clear preference. He said he didn’t want to have equal time with his parents and that he wanted to be with his mother. He told me that he would be very unhappy with joint custody”. That’s a clear case of Stockholm Syndrome where the abused sides with the abuser in an attempt to prevent more abuse. The psychiatrist failed Psychiatry/Psychology101 and allowed the child abuse to continue.

I quoted the law to the judge in my case in Aus. He refused to follow it. I repeatedly pointed out the law. He repeatedly refused to follow it. He then admitted he got it wrong verbally. He then admitted he got it wrong in writing. He had destroyed my case and continued to allow the child abuse to continue. As happened in NZ ~40yrs ago.

I haven’t seen my son in 378 days. The child abuse continues and “the system” not only allows it, but supports and enables it.



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Looks like the abuser do have the upperhand. LCF must be removed in NZ to give the children a fair chance. I believe LFC is the bigest problem for the child abuse in NZ


They certainly don’t help the situation get any better. The mother just ends up with two lawyers instead of one.


It’s disgusting that this is still occuring in this day and age. Judges proven to be acting in this manner should be removed from the bench. They are clearly corrupt and bring disrepute to the Justice system. The lack of accountability for Judges is what continues to drive this child abusive system. Good on F4J in scaling Buckingham Palace. I remember the event having been living in the UK at the time. I was too young to understand it at the time but also being a targeted parent in the system, I unfortunately know it all too well now.


I’d put everything i own on that consultant psychiatrist having just fabricated that entire statement.

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