Judges abusing costs orders against Self-Litigants

My experience as a self-litigant in the Family Court is typical. You are facing the whole cartel! I’m well aware that the Judges and Lawyers are all in cahoots. They Judges refuse to recuse themselves from cases where there is a clear conflict of interest. The other lawyers try talking in jargon in the hope you won’t understand what they are saying. I’ve even had Judges patronise me in saying that everything is above board, when you know damn well it isn’t.

There is no accountability for the Judges and they all know it. The Office of the Judicial Commissionaire is nothing more than an old boys club. The stats regarding the complaints evidence this. I can only imagine that they must sit around with the complaint and laugh at who they have screwed over!

In the last 4 years I have had 3 costs orders awarded against me. Totaling over $18,000. The Judges know I have no means to pay it and I fear they will be going after my assets next.

The cases are all pre-determined. All designed to extract cash from you for the lawyers. The facts and the law doesn’t matter. It’s a Kangaroo Court.

The cost to appeal anything is crazy. You can’t afford the costs and the High Court want it all as security. The costs should never have been awarded in the first place. It’s all a big scam. The politician’s know it, the Judges know it, the lawyers know it, but more importantly, WE KNOW IT!

The question is, what can we do about it?

The cost orders are being used as a way to deter self-litigants. These scumbags in the court want you to use lawyers. They keep telling me to get one. The filth tell me to get one. I DON’T NEED ONE! All I need is the courts to be fair. For there to be Justice. For them to uphold the laws as they are written.

Cost Orders are abusive and have no place in Family Law.



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This post could not be more accurate.

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