Family Court.

Hello, previous involvement with Child, Youth and Family as it was known back then when they became involved with me and my now ex boyfriend because of my former midwife making a notification to them due to my now ex and I missing appointments. It was not entirely my fault, his as well and the fact that two other woman had it in for us both. We were only dating. On the 17 December they got interim custody of my baby. A Social Worker named Sarah Bickley as she was known as back then. I do not give two hoots what she is called now showed up at Christchurch Women’s Hospital as soon as I gave birth via c section. I had a week in Christchurch Women’s. They either told me you either go to Princess Margaret Hospital Mother’s and Babies unit or we will remove your son from your care. I agreed. I was there for 4 weeks for a assessment on my mental health. There was nothing wrong with it at the time. I was happy. My mental health was well under control with prescribed meds. They thought I would have a psychotic release and I never did. My ex is a liar, cheat, thief, criminal, violent, controller, manipulator and a abusive man. I was sent to baby boot camp in Christchurch also known as Holly House which has since shut down. It was run by Presbyterian Support. Cheryl Yusaf and Emily McDonald. I did nothing wrong.. They both set me up to fail. I had a 8 week parenting assessment. I was railroaded, bullied, my heart muscles weakened at the time I was in Horror House(Holly House) no one there gave a stuff about my health especially when I have a cardiomyopathy history and Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure) I am on medications. But anyway my experience with Family Court began in 2013 after my son was removed from my care and my ex’s on the 6th March 2013. I went through hell back then. My son was a few months old. He was placed in a Home For Life placement now known as permanent care. I have been through the filthy rotten system and my final Family Court appearance was the 11th February 2014. Child, Youth and Family back then were discharged and the case was closed after the Home For Life Parents got awarded a Parenting Order until my son is 16 and Additional Guardianship age 18. I went back to Family Court in 2018/2019 to have a parenting order tidied up and varied. I managed to get some information about my son, but no extra contact. It used to be bi monthly. Now it is whenever suits as long as it is still six times a year. 1-2 hours. No special occasions. My son is coming up 11.  I feel your pain families and I feel for all the children/teenagers and youths in state care and facilities. I am trying my hardest to turn a negative situation into a positive one. I have been in counselling since 2015 and still going. He and his wife are so supportive towards me, non judgemental etc and I can text, phone or email him when ever I need. But I will make it clear I cannot be bothered going through the filthy rotten system again. It hurts while I type this. I have had two mental health breakdowns since, a psychotic relapse. Diagnosed with anxiety after two panic attacks. I was hospitalised in 2021. I tried cannabis oil and it totally backfired on me. Lesson learned. I never got a chance with my son in summary.  Thank you for taking the time to read this. At the end of the day. I made the right decision based on my circumstances at the time and put my own son first before my needs and wants. A honourable, loving and selflessness act. My son is thriving, he is loved, adored, safe etc thankfully. 



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