Family Court is a crock

I’m the applicant in our case, a Nana.  I’m a quiet living, under 51yr old.  I work, study, don’t drink, smoke, party, do drugs or hang out with undesirables.

My grandchild under 3, is with the other grandparents.  Well, one is the grandparent.  Everything I am above they are the complete opposite.  They don’t work, nor hold formal education, there’s multiple substances, gang affiliation and more.  THAT is where Oranga Tamariki, coupled with lawyer for child, family court and report writer think it’s best to put children after a scathing affidavit.

OT now refuse to abide by court orders where I’m to be kept in the loop regarding my grandchild.  They admit to me they’ve dropped the ball regarding my grandchild’s case, but week after week the ABUSE I get from them is atrocious considering the increase in media articles about them ramping up again of late.  It looks like I will not be getting my grandchild again for what will now be 2x Christmas’ in a row when it was meant to be turn about.

They admit everything that’s happening is a breach of the children’s act, that my grandchild has a right to both sides of his whanau but still they continue to abuse.  I have legal aid.  I do not hear from my lawyer often, or within time for main decisions.  I was told late October to put my Christmas request in, I am still waiting for her response.  My lawyer appears to work for everybody else but me and at this stage what choice do I have but to go to the Ombudsman.  No good complaining to OT complaint line that’s about as independent as IPCA.

I do believe the whole complicit system favours the other whanau as they’re the “maternal” grandparent and because they’re all responsible for the poor decisions they make and want to cover it up.  I also believe like any system they don’t like strong people, like this strong Nana, standing up against them.  Am I meant to cower in a corner and not say a word.

This is my grandchild!!  My grandchild did not ask to be born into his situation and I won’t stop until he’s in my care and ALL agencies from a certain Christchurch neighbourhood are gone from the case.  A decade ago I went to Court and was awarded custody of my first ‘grandchild’ prior to DNA test.  The judge called for that as a formality after the fact…and the biological mother lied re paternity.

In Court, OT wanted to stay involved as I foolishly went to them when I heard about the pregnancy thinking they would be a good support.  After I was awarded custody, OT wanted to stay involved, their opinion of me wasn’t good (again because I stand & fight and they don’t like that) and they got slammed by the judge who stated I was quite capable and didn’t need them down my neck, request denied.  My current case is obviously 10yrs on, new area of NZ, different judge and one hell of a dodgy system.



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Personal view If you dont keep trying what will the child think when you give up and he or she finds out much later in life Good luck

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