Dodgy entire system

I learned of the imminent birth of a grandchild.  I lived hours away.  I knew this grand baby had to come into my care.  I relocated.

I believe I had more than enough reason to put an affidavit in along with day to day care and guardianship applications and do it all without notice.  Unfortunately the insane judge put it on notice.


I am educated and still studying to better self and due a needed career change.  I work also.  I don’t drink, smoke or drug and live quietly.  Great environment for a grand baby no?

Unfortunately, the system in its entirety is complicit in making poor decisions for children.  It starts with that children’s ministry that goes through a name change every few years but nothing changes, with the addition of their community partners who they pass the buck to and don’t supervise; unqualified, unregistered CPs who treat some whanau like absolute rot.  They don’t pass on valid information back to the ministry or to the non-custodial extended whanau for child of concern.  Also complicit is the LFC and the FC.  My utmost belief in my case is the entire system had already made one poor decision for a child (not my grand baby) but a sibling of and that the nonsense from my actual case is nothing more than a cover-up and the only loser is my grand baby who is being used as a scape-goat.  Not even two years old.

The rules under the children’s ministry state all adults in a child’s care home, if unable to live with their parents, must be approved caregivers whether foster or extended whanau.  Unfortunately, the ministry is breaching their own rules giving unsuitable caregivers a pass in the name of getting children off their books.  They have children in homes in gang affiliated neighbourhoods, residing in party homes, where a number of substances reign supreme, in homes where the caregivers have significant substance issues, where the caregivers themselves have had and still have decades of social work assistance and even generations of, homes where the very children are growing up in not only gang neighbourhoods but gang homes and much much more with the ministry turning a blind eye to it all.  This and more is the exact concern for my grand baby.  Tell me the latter home environment is best decision over mine.

*The complicit system initially manipulated a significant decision maker whom had/has intellectual and mental health issues and without counsel in their drive to cover-up the case.  Thankfully, going on two years later said person manipulated has seen the light more & more but unfortunately the system now uses this person’s instability.


I will NOT give up.  There may be some movement this past week but I’m not allowing optimism as every time I think ‘surely my grand baby needs brought to my home this time’ it’s a complete case of one step forward three back and thick brick walls – despite the obvious issues and even the ministry now saying they have issues with the placement more and more.  So uplift!!  No??  Go figure!!



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