Have I been screwed?

I have been in a day to day care battle for nearly 4 years now and yesterday I received reserved judgement stating my youngest twin boy and girl (who I have had day to day care of for the last nearly 3 years) should live with their mother basically because I cannot provide the “culture” that their mother can. The mother has in the least 4 years changes her housing and job at least 3 times each and yet the judge has stated that is stable. The judge also viewed and appeared to only hear the children’s mother in her ruling, taking incorrect information from my paternal heritage thinking it was maternal as stated by the children’s mother. I’ve done everything under my power avoid the racial attacks aimed at me bit I fear this may be another bias from the judge! Any help to maybe save my children from a narcissist mother is greatly appreciated! 



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Forever Silented

This has happened to so many of us, judges and lawyers have no idea what damage a Narcissist Mother or father is capable of.doing to a child’s life.

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